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We create commissioned work, independent documentaries, and narrative films. At Real Talkies, we make audiovisual stories focussing on nuances that are not dwelled upon or deliberated in mass media.

Chithra Jeyaram is a writer, director, producer, and editor who makes intimate films about identity, human relationships, race, art, and health. 

Her first exposure to filmmaking began with a failed attempt to fund a film about an explosive water-sharing dispute between two southern states in India. Deeply affected by that experience, she quit a decade-long career as a Physical Therapist and enrolled in film school. She has an M.F.A in film production from the University of Texas in Austin. She is the recipient of the Made in New York Fellowship and BAVC National Mediamaker Fellowship.

She is an avid runner and food is her first love.

Creative Director

Sowmya's solace during difficult transitions came from words and the verses she writes today are often reflective of healing in one's own time. Misplaced apostrophes may get no compassion although she is otherwise unconditional with her support for editing/writing projects. 

She works in the field of independent living and employment for people with disabilities. She enjoys hiking, a hell alot of chai and distance running. Home for her, at the moment, is Boston, while Madras remains etched in her soul.

Grant Writer


Direct and produce

original story driven content to bring ideas to life, for brands, organizations, and networks.

Edit documentaries, branded media, fundraising samples and narrative films collaboratively.


Screen our films, host relevant workshops, engage through active dialogue and inspire change.

Teach filmmaking from development to distribution across educational settings, community workshops, and panels.



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