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54 min Documentary

Broadcast: 2M Moroccan TV, Dec 24, 2023

Director: Hisham Aidi

Producer: Sophie Schrago

DP & Editor: Chithra Jeyaram

In the late 1950s Hassan Ouakrim was a young dancer and actor in Morocco. Little did he know that he would soon become the protegé of La Mama Theatre founder Ellen Stewart, performing across America, forming friendships with the likes of jazz virtuosos Ornette Coleman and Randy Weston, and becoming a pioneer in spreading Berber dance and music in North America.  

It's Just A Job

Feature Documentary 

Anticipated Release 2024

Director: Tami Gold

Editor: Chithra Jeyaram

Every day in cities across the country, hundreds of people are arrested for engaging in or offering consensual acts with adults. Their crime? Trading sex for the money. They are harassed, denied housing, incarcerated, and threatened by police officers. Today sex workers are building a growing movement demanding that consensual sexual acts between adults be decriminalized. This is their story.


Short Fiction (2022)

Director: Snigdha Kapoor

Editor:  Chithra Jeyaram

Tara, a South Asian queer woman finally comfortable with her identity, nervously goes to see her eight- year- old biological son after years, but is unprepared for the tensions that resurface with his white adoptive parents.

Look Like You premiered at the 45th Asian American International Film Festival and received the Audience Award for the Narrative Short category.

LookLikeYou_Apr 2023.png

Branded Content (2021)

Director: Rose Bush

Editor: Chithra Jeyaram

Created (by New Balance) in conjunction with Front Runners New York, the film tells the story of the historic 40-year-old Front Runners NY LGBT Pride Run® and features Urie Dvorozniak, a New Yorker and non-binary unemployed college graduate longing for community and personal healing as they work to embrace their identity, build confidence and re-imagine their potential, all illustrating the importance of being able to compete as ourselves.

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 6.17.40 PM.png

Documentary Series Speaking Frankly

Episode Symbolic Justice (2020)

Producer: Leila Abu-saada

Editor: Chithra Jeyaram

"With renewed calls for racial justice in America come fresh demands to take down Confederate monuments, rid sports teams of Native American mascots, and rebrand products that use racist caricatures. But some say the focus on imagery distracts from the fight for systemic change. This CBSN Originals documentary explores the impact of dismantling these symbols of the past – and the push for a more equitable future.


Documentary Short (2019)

Director: Kalim Armstrong and

Demetre Papageorgiou 

Editor: Chithra Jeyaram

This is the story of 5 brothers and 4 sisters, separated by distance and decades, coming together for the first time, thanks to online DNA testing.


Documentary Series (2018)

Director: Andre Perez

Editor: Chithra Jeyaram

Digital Series & Ep. 4

is a Revry documentary series exploring relationships, community, and social issues for trans people of color.

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