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Sassy Queen

Written feedback from students

Teaching is the joy of informing, sharing, encouraging and coaching someone who is on a learning path.

Sometimes, I have done it as a Physical Therapist. Motivating a patient to listen to their body and push beyond the pain, the discomfort and take that impossible step. I have been punched at and called all kinds of names in the pursuit of simple human mobility like getting out of the bed or sitting on the edge of the bed for 30 seconds. I have also been hugged, kissed, fed and loved many many more times after patients do the simplest of human mobility like walking five steps.

These days I mostly teach filmmaking in various forms. I have been called a lot of good and bad things while teaching. But this is the first time I have been called SASSY or QUEEN. Students in New York city show love in unique ways. I will take both gladly. Thank You.


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