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Open Doors

A fortune cooke triggered this post. Summer has been busy. A lot more busy than planned. That's how it always ends up being when you work on non-fiction films. Its been a year since research began on an adoption documentary. At that point it seemed like it was going to be a short film. With further research and filming, it became clear it was a feature - Our Daughters.

The film looks at open transracial adoption through an immigrant lens, highlighting white twin sisters being raised by an Indian couple, Hindu, vegetarian and speaking Tamil.

A lot has been filmed. A lot needs to be filmed, processed, animated, edited, promoted and distributed. Right now, its like we have climbed up to the highest point on a roller coaster and ready for the loopty loop. An adventure of a life time.

Roller coasters are a lot more fun with people. We are seeking champions, funders, commissioning editors, producers, executive producers and out reach partners for this beautiful documentary. Who might these people be? They are your friends who are adoption advocates, immigrant advocates, humanist, philanthropist, investors interested in stories, commissioning editors and more. If you know someone please connect us. Write to our daughters at gmail dot com.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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